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I was born (1971) and raised in Nikolaev in Ukraine.

I have inherited my love for handiwork from my mother and grandmother, both professional seamstresses. When I was a child I enjoyed watching them creating quality products. With simple materials they could make first class products such as dresses, skirts and similar. Following in the footsteps of my grandmother , at an early age I started knitting and crocheting. This developed over time from a hobby to a professional vocation. In 1988 I realised my dream by obtaining a Diploma in knit ware design. For some time thereafter I worked with a knit-ware factory in Nikolaev, and later for a smaller producer. Afterwards I worked with well known and recognized Ukrainian designers Ludmila Titarenko and Tamara Ljasenko, which work has influenced my professional development and given me much beneficial experience. Among other things, during this period I designed and produced clothes for major design exhibitions both inside and outside Ukraine.    
My first machine-kritted dress, at 17
  My first machine-kritted dress, at 17

In 2003 I married a Norwegian and moved to Bergen in Norway.
My daughter Viktoriya (1989) often has good design ideas and helps me out with details. She is very much engaged in embroideries and is particularly good with pearl bijouterie. She sews and knits a little too.

I would like to thank all my friends and teachers who helped me to create this site. Their comments and suggestions were very helpful. I would like also to express my thanks to John Christian and Olga, Davoud, Ludmila, Yuliya, Olga and my daughter for all their help and advice.


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